Carpooling helps people to make their journey a memorable one with new people. It makes people to reduce the traffic problems, reduces carbon emission, helps to save money and more importantly provides safe transportation.

Save Money & Fuel

People share their fuel, toll expanses etc...

Reduce pollution

Reduces carbon emission

Social Networking

Journey with new people creates new friendship.

Reduce Traffic

Reduces no of cars travelling.

Safety & Secure

Makes travelling less stressed one.

Save Time

To save most valuable thing

How it Works

Citi2Citi.in is a simple, fast and free service, for those who needs to travel from one place to another. Finding tickets in Trains and buses is very difficult, especially during festive season like Diwali, New year, Pongal etc..

Register your account in few seconds, Login and start using!!!

Have a car and travelling alone? Just post available seats, get new friends!!!
Don't have a car and ready to join with new friends? Post your ride requirements and get new friends!!!

You can update your car details, so others can easily choose from.

Update your details such as habits, contact information etc,. and also update your photo. It will help others to have a secure journey!!!

Search for your requirements, We are sure you will find a best friend for your happy journey!!!